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Digby Neck Peninsula

Naturally spectacular! The scenic peninsula between the great tides of the Bay of Fundy and St. Mary’s Bay is rich with rare species of wildflowers, seabirds, shore birds, seals and whales. Now famous for excellent whale and seabird excursions, Digby Neck is a nature-lover’s paradise. This unique ecosystem sustains migrating birds traveling along the Atlantic Flyway. Rugged coastlines, dense marshland and striking basalt formations offer plenty of phenomenal views…and sunsets. Our marine heritage can be experienced in traditional fishing villages, and our environmental treasures explored on our many hiking/walking trails.

Things to see and do on Digby Neck, Long Island and Brier Island:


Hike along the Balancing Rock Trail (Long Island), or the scenic Old Road from Sandy Cove to Centreville; take a walk down Tympani Lane to see the red cliffs and have a swim in St. Mary’s Bay; hike to French Beach Point, in East Ferry to a seal colony, or up Mt. Shubel for a breath-taking view.


  • Go birding at dozens of renowned sites all along the Neck, at the Nature Conservancy (Brier Island), on Marsh Road or the Red Head Cliffs.
  • Comb for agate and beach-glass along the beach of Gulliver’s Cove, see a dulsing enterprise and maybe even a whale or two in St. Mary’s Bay.
  • Visit the lighthouses and photograph the distinct land and rock formations at different points of Brier and Long Islands.
  • Picnic in one of our Provincial Parks, Lake Midway (Digby Neck) or Central Grove (Long Island).
  • Feast on local seafood at one of several fine restaurants (Brier Island Lodge, Lavina’s Catch, or Petite Passage Café, for example).
  • Visit the Joshua Slocum monument, paying tribute to the first man to sail around the world alone, and learn more about our local history and lore and the Islands Historical Society Museum in Freeport.
  • Shop for hand made quilts, crafts and artwork.
  • See a variety of architectural styles and unique heritage properties.
  • Don’t miss an opportunity to see Minke, Right, Humpback and possibly Finback whales, as well as an abundance of other marine life such as dolphins, porpoise, seals and seabirds (including puffins) on a whale watching cruise.